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This site pretends not to be a site to duplicate al information about the Roland GP8 & GP16 Guitar Effects Processor that one can find on the internet, but more as a support  site for its current (Atari)users. Its therefore I decided  to put my editors on the internet. Also because I know that there are (almost) no Atari editors for those devices. You ‘ll just find information here concerning  these editors and things about it. The Roland GP8 and GP16 are still popular effects devices  with a well-known status and they become more and more a collector’s item. Further ATARI lives on.....I hope it will be appreciated. Pure read on ..why...

Rocktron Intellifex (Blackface) editor ready for download !

This is “Intelli”, the latest version 3.0 beta of the Atari editor for the first Rocktron Intellifex

(nowadays also called Blackface) as I wrote it in 1992.

The program has already all options you need, to configure the Intellifex.

It should run on all Atari ST(E)‘s and Falcons 030.

I have recompiled the program and tested on the fly on a Mega STe. Everything seems to run well.


It is always possible that there are still bugs. Please report them so I can solve them.

A brief manual is included or can separately be downloaded. Read it !


Main features:


- Back-up on disk individual presets or the whole user bank (80 presets);

- Restore back-ups in to the Intellifex;

- Real time or offline editing of all parameters of the 6 configurations;

- Library function;

- Manage an user bank by copying presets into the bank;

- Controller assign.





Please, check the download area !



Terms of use.


Use of the program is for own risk. I'am not responsible for any dammage that may be

caused by this program.


Intellifex manual.


I have no manual for the Intellifex. It is not present on the Rocktron download site.

Seen the Internet, many people need it !


I should appreciate it if someone can sent me a copy or pdf file or link for the original manual,

so I can put it on this site in de download area to help others. Thanks.




Enjoy !




0 #1 Seb 2016-05-06 11:06
Manual for Rocktron Intellifex is on Rocktron site. Actually for all Intellifex's. It's on their "Discontinued Products" page
Kind regards.

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