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This site pretends not to be a site to duplicate al information about the Roland GP8 & GP16 Guitar Effects Processor that one can find on the internet, but more as a support  site for its current (Atari)users. Its therefore I decided  to put my editors on the internet. Also because I know that there are (almost) no Atari editors for those devices. You ‘ll just find information here concerning  these editors and things about it. The Roland GP8 and GP16 are still popular effects devices  with a well-known status and they become more and more a collector’s item. Further ATARI lives on.....I hope it will be appreciated. Pure read on ..why...

Roland GP8 editor (Dutch version) ready for download !!

My first program, a simple, easy to use,  but effective Roland GP8 editor written for the Public Domain in 1990 !!, can now be downloaded in the download area. The program will still do his job.

It is the Dutch version.  An UK version will come soon.  After checking the program - it is more than 20 years old but still alive - I made some little improvements and solved a little bug.  Now, it seems to be stable.

It should run on all Atari (Mega) ST(e) ‘s or Steem users on PC. In those days we were just happy that we had the GP8 editor between nothing!!  It was already used by many GP8 users before.

Just use it to back up your GP8-bank with comfort (just one mouse click) or play along with it and edit your effects / settings with the patch editor.

For a good working program take care of the installation instructions.

Please report problems so I can fix it.

Have fun.