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This site pretends not to be a site to duplicate al information about the Roland GP8 & GP16 Guitar Effects Processor that one can find on the internet, but more as a support  site for its current (Atari)users. Its therefore I decided  to put my editors on the internet. Also because I know that there are (almost) no Atari editors for those devices. You ‘ll just find information here concerning  these editors and things about it. The Roland GP8 and GP16 are still popular effects devices  with a well-known status and they become more and more a collector’s item. Further ATARI lives on.....I hope it will be appreciated. Pure read on ..why...

Use of an EV5 pedal and GP16 editor.

Use of an EV5 pedal and GP16 editor.

If you are lucky you own and use also an EV5 pedal with the GP16.

Now, what can you do with the EV5 pedal and the editor?

You can use the pedal as a various controller (that’s of course nothing new).

How does it work?

Choose your patch in the editor. The patch will be seen  on the display of the GP16.  All you edit now will be placed in the temporary memory of the GP16, until you save it.  Assign in the editor (Master) the EV5 pedal to a parameter, for instance the delay time.

Instead of  controlling the values with the mouse in the editor, you can now control the chosen parameter (value) with the EV5. So you  free up your hands, play the guitar, and change with a big foot continuous the chosen parameter till you are satisfied .

When satisfied, take your big foot carefully of the pedal, save (write ) the patch in the GP16, receive it back in the editor and you are done. Choose and assign the next parameter.