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This site pretends not to be a site to duplicate al information about the Roland GP8 & GP16 Guitar Effects Processor that one can find on the internet, but more as a support  site for its current (Atari)users. Its therefore I decided  to put my editors on the internet. Also because I know that there are (almost) no Atari editors for those devices. You ‘ll just find information here concerning  these editors and things about it. The Roland GP8 and GP16 are still popular effects devices  with a well-known status and they become more and more a collector’s item. Further ATARI lives on.....I hope it will be appreciated. Pure read on ..why...

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Editor for the Roland GP8 and GP16 for all Atari ST (and Falcon030)

Works also great with Atari’s emulator STEEM in WinXP and Win7

Be aware that this site is still under construction and will be updated frequently till all things are said and done.

In those years (the eighties) when Midi was involved there were many EDITORprograms written for Keyboards, Samplers, universal effects processors etc. One could change sounds/effects and save them. A backup was important to restore important data by troubles with the device. All parameters were easy accessible on the computer screen.

Those days were also the beginning of the (digital) effects processors for the guitarists. For that category there was, after time, only a possibility to save patches/full dumps by an universal dumpprogram. For me a trigger to write some own programs concerning the Roland GP8 and GP16 I used as guitarist. So, the guitarist/user became more control/edit/backup possibilities of its effects processor.

My first program was a very simple one for the Roland GP8 and was distributed in the so called Public Domain (ACN - Atari), followed up by the more sophisticated GP16 program. The GP16 program was distributed with a disc copy protection. Now it’s free without protection.....


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